COVID-19 Update

August 5, 2021

On July 28, 2021, the city of Kansas City, MO published new orders for community health guidance. If you have followed Briarcliff’s responses to Covid-19 and government mandates, you have already heard and read that in all things we are motivated by grace. You have also noticed we have not yet perfected this response! And so, we, as always, depend solely on the grace given freely to us by God through Jesus.

With grace as our guide, we want to speak with clarity and purpose. Confusion seems to drive many conversations around Covid-19 and related topics. We are striving to not make that mistake ourselves.

What we need to know about the new public health order effective from August 2 – August 28 (quotes italicized)

  • Masks are required in all places of public accommodation
  • All persons are encouraged to vaccinate and social distance
  • A place of public accommodation shall not include … a religious corporation
  • The federal law concerning Public Accommodation removes the legal responsibility of a church in Kansas City, MO to follow this mandate

What we need to know about Briarcliff’s response

  • We continue to be motivated by grace and a desire for the unity of our church family and the common good of our community. Stated differently: we are not simply concerned with what we are legally required to do or what we can “get away with”
  • Our goal is to provide an environment where all people can experience the joy of community and corporate worship regardless of preference or medical necessity
  • For the month of August, we will request masks be worn by all people while inside the church building
  • For the month of August, we will require masks to be worn by adults and children ages 5-12 in any Briarcliff Kids environment. This is the only population for which the protection of a Covid-19 vaccine is not yet available. Though the health risk among this age group is lower, we have decided to extend this protection
  • We have created additional spaced seating in the auditorium
  • Any group meeting elsewhere is asked to respect the requests of any public establishment and come to a consensus with the group after considering risk factors, indoor, outdoor, personal health concerns, etc.
  • Regardless of your personal choices regarding Covid-19 and the issues that surround it, Briarcliff Church will strive to be a place of unconditional acceptance and love as we encourage one another along toward Christlikeness
  • Regardless of your personal choices please understand that the expectation of Briarcliff Church is to extend every grace and joyful, unconditional love to all
  • Regardless of your personal choices we deeply desire to be a church that does nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit but. in humility, count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of us look not only to our own interests, but also the interests of others (Philippians 2)

As in all Covid-19 matters for the last several months, this is a fluid and evolving situation. We will evolve with the situation to meet the requirement of civil law and privileged commandments of gospel love for one another.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? We want to hear from you! Reach out now at

May 21, 2021

From the onset of the pandemic, our goal has been to lead with grace. As our church and community begin to transition back to a more familiar way of life, we are being responsive as possible while considering all of our congregation. On May 14, the City of Kansas City, Missouri rescinded their mask order. Briarcliff Church will follow lifting the mask mandate for those who are vaccinated. Since our goal has always been grace, we ask you please follow the recommendations below when attending church. And, most importantly, we can’t wait to see you this weekend! 

Please be considerate of our entire congregation by: 

  • Reserving the spaced seating (in the back) for those at high risk and/or under guidance from their healthcare professional to remain distanced.  
  • Utilizing the hand sanitization stations provided throughout the building 
  • Continuing to mask and distance if you are serving in a Next Gen environment. 

At this time we will continue to require kids and students to remain masked. This parallels the CDC recommendations and actions taken by the surrounding school districts.  

Finally, let us all do our very best to remember, if the grace, love, and mercy of God’s salvation knows no distinction (Romans 10:12; Revelation 7:9) between tribe, tongue, or nation, it surely knows no distinction between masked and unmasked. We are united by nothing less than the person and work of Jesus Christ.   

As with much of the past year, our guidelines are reconsidered on a near-daily basis. We hope we will soon reach an environment where all environments at Briarcliff Church return to pre-pandemic expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions you may have.