Below are some great ways of getting connected at Briarcliff Church.


Small groups are intentional environments where we can pursue Jesus together. The Bible tells us that pursuing Jesus together is called discipleship (Matthew 28:16-20). Discipleship is not an advanced degree of the Christian life. It is essential to all Christian life. Discipleship has many ages, stages and environments. All followers of Christ are called to be discipled and disciple others.


Our Next Generation ministries are passionate about equipping disciples now to be leaders in the next generation. From birth until age 18, students in Briarcliff Next Gen are taught biblical truth through gospel centered worship within a community who loves Jesus and loves others. Our ministries are united. Whether your child is 3, 10, or 17, our mission is distinct: bring glory to God by having a clear understanding of the gospel. We are passionate about partnering with parents as the primary disciplers of their children. We believe scripture is clear, a family with a gospel-centered focus brings honor to God.


SERVING CHRIST THROUGH SERVING OTHERS. Serving is active, hands-on discipleship. We joyfully engage in serving Christ by serving others in our church, community and world.


Serving all people for God’s glory is part of our mission at Briarcliff. Learn about our local and international missions.