Lent is an invitation for followers of Jesus to walk alongside Jesus in the desert for the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, where we search our hearts for the depths of our sin and remember and experience the heights of God’s love.

During Lent, the people of God participate individually and corporately in practices that deepen our dependency on God, expand our humility of self, and grow our expectancy of His Spirit. We bring ourselves low, temporarily shedding parts of our life for the sake of Christ in the hope that we will find more of him.  We achieve this through spiritual disciplines (addition), fasting (subtraction), and repentance (introspection). We are not meant to do this alone! As you engage in these Lenten disciplines, bring in others around you for support and accountability.
Our Lenten Guide will provide you with some ideas and direction to participate in the Lenten season. We also hope you find the Lenten materials listed below helpful during this season.

We pray that the Lord would meet you in powerful and unique ways, and that as you walk with Jesus in the desert, you remember that his spirit is never far and his grace is never-ending.

Join Us on Wednesdays

The Season of Lent is an invitation for us to pursue a deeper and more intentional relationship with the triune God. Deeper pursuit of God involves the practices of prayer, slowing down, setting time apart to spend with God. During this Lenten season, we will be intentionally taking time right in the middle of the work week to slow down, pray, and listen to God. Our time will be framed by worshiping and praying through the Sermon on the Mount.
Join us Wednesdays in the auditorium from 11:30am-1:00pm as we create a space to seek the face of God in the midst of a busy week. Drop in and out as your time allows. Bring your bible, a journal, and expectant hearts.


See physical copies of these resources on the Parent Resource walls.

Storybook Bible Lent Guide

40 Days of Devotion and Activities

Who is Jesus?

40 Word Pictures That Bring Jesus to Life

Darkest Night

Fourteen Bible stories for Passion and Easter Weeks

The Wonder of Easter

Family Devotional

Uncovering the Love of Jesus

40-Day Devotional

Mission Accomplished

Two-Week Family Devotional

Holy Week: An Emotions Primer

Board Book for Little Ones


At the Table With Jesus

Daily Devotions

To Seek and to Save

Daily Reflections

A Way Other Than Our Own


Biola University Lent Project

2024 Lent Guide

She Reads Truth

Lent Resources

Journey to the Cross

40-Day Devotional

Uncovering the Love of Jesus

40-Day Devotional

Preparing for Easter

Fifty Devotional Readings

Show Me the Way

Daily Lenten Readings

Preparing for Easter


Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross

A Collection of Readings

Bread and Wine

Readings for Lent and Easter

Bitter & Sweet




What it Lent? – Matt Chandler 

Why Do We Fast During Lent – Matt Chandler 

The Crucifixion of Jesus: Luke 19-23 – The Bible Project 

The Resurrection of Jesus: Luke 24 – The Bible Project 

Sacrifice & Atonement Biblical Theme – The Bible Project 



The Seasonal Nature of Lent

The season of Lent is an invitation to meet Jesus in our suffering and drives us toward the love of God.

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Cheap Grace and the Costly Grace of Lent

The season of Lent helps the people of God learn to live not by cheap grace, but by what Dietrich Bonhoeffer called “costly grace.”

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