William Stephens

A Life Radically Changed by CHRIST

"With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. This is a real life story of second chances, restoration, and reconciliation. All glory to GOD.”

Will's Story

Briarcliff prison ministry volunteers met Will at Lansing Correctional Facility about five years ago during monthly visits to have church with the men on Wednesday evenings. Will was incarcerated at the time and serving a seven-year sentence. His actions that landed him in prison cost him both his personal freedom and his family. While Will was at Lansing, he completed several programs including Brothers in Blue Transition and Mentoring 4 Success. God worked in him to help him make miraculous changes in his life and restored his relationships with his wife and children. He enjoyed meeting and working with volunteers and the gift bags he received and the gifts for his family at BIB banquets were very appreciated and helped him feel that he wasn’t forgotten.

Since his release, Will continues to be successful. He’s loving and appreciating his time with his family, working full-time, and is a practicing pastor. He’s also giving back in prison ministry areas and he and his wife recently attended a fundraising banquet for Beauty for Ashes with his friends at Briarcliff Church.

“Even if I had two tongues, I couldn’t begin to tell you how much God has done for me.

I’ve been home for over a year. God has answered all my prayers and given me the desires of my heart. He has completely restored my family and blessed me with an amazing job and so much more.

I’m currently fulfilling my calling as I serve as an associate pastor at Christ the Victor Freedom Initiative in Lenexa. None of this would have been possible without the transformation I experienced through the Brothers in Blue Reentry Program.”

Will S.

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