God’s People in Perfect Glory
Vernon Armitage   -  

Do you ever wonder what heaven will be like? Sure, you do! But how much can we really know? The book of Revelation gives us hints in symbols, but only hints. God wants us to know some of what heaven will be like but it will be more grandeur than we could ever fully understand in our human condition. But what he does reveals gives us great hope and assurance of the future. We are assured that everyone whose name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be there. That speaks of those who are true followers of Jesus. On the other hand, it reveals a very sobering picture. Everyone whose name is not in the book of life is separated from heaven in a place described as hell. That speaks of many who are “good people” but have not bowed in total surrender to Jesus; including all evil people who have rejected the grace of God. Makes you stop and think, doesn’t it? This is not to scare us but to alert us to the reality of eternity—either with God or separated from God and everything that is good. This Sunday we will look at some of those vivid hints of heaven and some of the sobering pictures of those whose names are missing in the Lamb’s Book of Life.